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GD Ceilings



PROJECT SUMMARY: Acoustic Solutions

The Civic Offices project in Drogheda is a landmark development aimed at consolidating various municipal functions under one roof. 

The new civic building was designed to accommodate council offices, public meeting spaces, and administrative services, all while ensuring a modern, functional and  aesthetically pleasing environment for both staff and visitors.  


One of the primary challenges in the Drogheda Civic Offices project was achieving optimal acoustic performance within the diverse functional spaces of the building. The council chambers, public meeting rooms, and open-plan office areas required advanced acoustic solutions to ensure clear communication, reduce noise pollution, and enhance the overall user experience. 

Additionally, the aesthetic integration of these acoustic solutions into the modern architectural design posed a significant challenge. The goal was to seamlessly blend functionality with visual appeal, maintaining the building’s clean and contemporary lines without compromising on performance. 


SDG was proud to be selected as the supplier of Vogl acoustic ceiling boards and access panels for this prestigious project. Our contribution included: 

Vogl Acoustic Ceiling Boards BQ41 12/25Q: Known for their superior sound absorption properties and sleek design, Vogl acoustic ceiling boards were installed throughout the civic offices. These perforated boards not only provided excellent acoustic control and enhanced the visual appeal of the interiors with their refined finish but also offered a very easy installation process for the fitout contractors. 

Access Panels 12/25Q: To ensure ease of maintenance and serviceability, invisble access panels were also supplied that integrated seamlessly with the acoustic ceiling system. 


The Drogheda Civic Offices project is a testament to modern architectural excellence, combining functionality with sustainable design principles. SDG’s involvement in supplying Vogl acoustic ceiling boards and access panels played a crucial role in addressing the acoustic challenges of the project. Our high-performance products ensure that the diverse spaces within the civic building meet the stringent acoustic standards.

The Drogheda Civic Offices project highlights SDG’s commit-ment to delivering innovative, high-quality solutions that cater to the specific needs of modern building projects. Through our expertise and premium product offerings, we continue to support the creation of spaces that are both functional and inspiring.

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