Main contractor

Lakeland Dairies

Date of Construction

July 2021


Lakeland Dairies, the Irish owned cooperative contacted SDG for assistance in reducing airborne sound from a new blower installation, with the view of significantly reducing noise pollution into the local environment.

Having dealt with SDG on a previous noise reduction project, Lakeland we’re trusting in our ability to solve this issue also.


The project was challenging, as it required an input from several external experts. Traynor Environmental was contacted to perform an acoustic survey to determine the effect on the local environment, and Wallace Doherty Consultant Engineers were contacted to assist with structural requirements.

As the blower units would require ongoing frequent maintenance, it was key that the acoustic proposal would allow for ease of access around the units, without impacting airborne sound transmission.


SDG first proposed the use of Calenberg Cisilent noise control barrier, along with the site survey we were able to propose the exact quantity and placement of material. Working with key supply partner Calenberg, drawings were produced to allow for exact placement of the barrier.

The patented Cisilent flexible noise barrier achieves a sound reduction index of Rw=21dB and ensures for improved airborne sound insulation. Working closely with WD Engineers, a steel framing system was designed to support the barrier around the blower area. A sliding steel proportion was developed to allow for ease of access, with minimal disruption the noise reduction.


The Cisilent barrier was installed in accordance with the manufacturers design and installation process. The sliding barrier worked as intended and allowed for ease of access to the unit for maintenance.

The unique textile structure made from high strength polyester fabric, ensured resistance to water, Ozone, UV radiation, general dirt, and micro-organisms.

SDG have been proud to assist many companies with noise reduction projects over our 30-year history. Our Technical Department would be more than happy to assist and working with you if you are experience a noise problem with your facilities.

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