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Stresslite were tasked with the manufacture & Installation of various precast elements for numerous Lidl stores in ROI.

Stresslite, based in Blessington Co.Wicklow offers a wide range of precast concrete elements such as precast walls, precast beams and columns, stairs and floors, both prestressed and non-tensioned. The method of construction using only precast elements has been and is employed by Stresslite for various types of buildings, including Commercial premises, residential buildings, multi Storey Car parks. Stresslite have recorded growth in its precast business over the last number of years in Ireland and Great Britain. With a strong and experienced design team, a very efficient production process as well as experience installers, the company brings over 30 years of precast expertise to every project they undertake.

SDG, coupled with SDS who were the head design engineers appointed by LIDL were tasked with providing a full proof and efficient wall connection system for the wall panels being provided to their new Stores. The BT Spannschloss turnbuckle enables efficient and precise assembly and durable connections for precast concrete elements. By using the BT turnbuckle and corresponding connection materials, precast elements can be joined together without using mineral grouting, this therefore results in no curing or down-time due to low temperatures. The Turnbuckle can effectively be used straight away. This lends itself very well to the short construction programmes that are implemented on projects such as Lidl Re-builds.

Main Properties of the BT Turnbuckle.

  • Available in zinc coated cast iron and stainless steel –
  • Stainless steel Spannschloss® with high corrosion resistance
  • Zinc coated, annealed cast iron Spannschloss® connection optionally sealed with mortar
  • BT-Spannschloss® M12, M16 & M20 zinc coated annealed cast iron
  • Spannschloss® in screw thread sizes M12, M16, M20
  • Higher shear and tensile strength with increasing Spannschloss® size

Advantages of the BT Turnbuckle.

  • Fast and easy assembly of precast elements at the construction site
  • Connecting elements by screwing them together
  • High tolerances due to slotted holes
  • Assembly with high loads
  • The connection is stable and flexible after assembly
  • The systems allows movements
  • Approved in GER, PL, SWE, RU
  • Assembly not depending on weather conditions
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SDG have always gone above and beyond for us. With SDG’s technical support our team have the ability to use the most effective and innovative solutions to improve quality, save time and perform more effectively.

I spoke to Ciaran Donnelly and after a few subsequent drawings emailed back and forth we agreed on the detail. SDG had the assembly on site within 3 days and saved us a lot of time on site with cutting and welding. We were able to lower the assembly into place in one piece with no concerns. I would most definitely engage in this service again.

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