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SDG worked along with O’Reilly Concrete Group and BT Innovation in order to supply London Heathrow Airports Hilton Garden Inn Hotel with the Turnbuckle.

The Hilton Garden Inn Hotel with 15 storeys and an overall height of 47.60m directly adjacent to Terminal 2 at London’s Heathrow Airport.

Whilst the first three storeys were constructed using the cast-in-situ method, the remaining 12 storeys were erected using exclusively precast concrete elements.

Project Summary

BT Innovations Turnbuckle was used in the assembly of the outer wall elements which were manufactured and assembled by O’Reilly Concrete Group. They installed a total of 1,200 BT Turnbuckles – four per outer wall element.

Our Solution

The Turnbuckle acting as part of a tensioning system that includes bolted joints and anchors recessed in the precast concrete elements. It enables the economical, simple, precise assembly and permanent structural connection of precast concrete elements. In the case of predominantly static loads in the pulling and shear directions.

For more information on BT Turnbuckle and projects we have worked on across UK and Ireland, please contact our technical team on +44 (28) 3752 8999 or [email protected]

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Through the use of the BT turnbuckle on these LIDL store projects it has been possible to reduce the temporary bracing, increase safety and shorten the assembly time for the precast wall elements , it ticks all our the boxes. We are excited to implement it in our future projects.

SDG have always gone above and beyond for us. With SDG’s technical support our team have the ability to use the most effective and innovative solutions to improve quality, save time and perform more effectively.

I spoke to Ciaran Donnelly and after a few subsequent drawings emailed back and forth we agreed on the detail. SDG had the assembly on site within 3 days and saved us a lot of time on site with cutting and welding. We were able to lower the assembly into place in one piece with no concerns. I would most definitely engage in this service again.

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