Case Studies / The Rock GAC Community Centre - Dungannon

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Main contractor

Rock Community Association

Date of Construction

October 2021


Blackbird Architecture

Project Summary

The Rock St. Patrick’s are a small Gaelic Athletic Club, situated between Cookstown and Dungannon.

Serving as a community center for the close-knit community since opening in 2021, the center serves as a key piece of local infrastructure for the promotion of Gaelic football.

The Challenge

When the community association of The Rock GAC noticed reverberation issues within the main hall, they contacted SDG for advice on remediating the area. Working closely with local architect Blackbird Architecture, a site survey was carried out promptly.

Along with the drawings provided by Blackbird architecture, SDG partners TVS were able to predict the performance of the hall using their acoustic modelling software. This model provided us with the data needed to make an accurate proposal to bring reverberation to within allowable limits.

Our Solution

Proposals were made alongside key partner TVS Acoustics, for use of their Absorb Sport panels. TVS Absorb Sport panels provide an aesthetically pleasing solution to control reverberation time and increase the acoustic absorption of any space. Widely used for increasing the acoustical performance of indoor sporting environments, these impact resistant Class A absorption panels serve as an efficient way to take control of the acoustic performance of any interior space.

TVS Absorb Sport panels feature a highly absorbent glass fiber core wrapped in an aesthetically pleasing acoustically transparent fabric. The edges are reinforced to provide a perfect square edge. Class A acoustic absorption rating can be achieved with our 40mm or 50mm panel as standard.

TVS Absorb Sport Panels have undergone extensive impact testing to ensure their suitability for use within sports halls. As one of the only acoustic panels to be impact resistant to DIN 18032-3, their versatility allows them to be installed at low levels in areas where traditional acoustic panels would be susceptible to knocks and damage.

The Results

With help of a local sub-contractor, the panels were fitted as per the architect’s placement drawing. The community association noted a marked improvement even after a single elevation was completed. The association’s annual general meeting was held recently, and it was remarked that the acoustic performance was perfect, with no notable echo, and no need for microphones.

SDG have been a proud supplier to similar projects over the years, and feedback like the above is what we aim for in every instance.

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