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Perforated Acoustic Ceilings

In drywall construction, acoustic design ceilings meet the highest demands in function and aesthetics. Particularly in highly frequented areas, such ceiling systems serve as sound absorbers, cooling element and eye catcher at the same time. For this reason, high precision in installation is particularly needed here. Unlike conventional ceiling solutions, errors in the installation are immediately visible in the finished product and seriously affect the final appearance.

This is where the VoglFuge ® system comes into play, a system which achieves acoustic design ceilings quickly, economically and with the most reliability during installation for guaranteed results.

Our Acoustic Design Panels / Absorption Panels are classified in building material class A2 – s1,d0 in compliance with European standard DIN EN 13501-1.

  • The unique joint technology offers maximum reliability for installation and finishes:
  • Quick mounting of panels – edge to edge
  • No more complex panel alignment
  • Ultra-quick joint finishing with our unique VoglFuge® Strip
  • Maximum crack resistance
  • Less dust and moisture
  • Always complete with the VoglFuge® System Kit including perforated panel screws SN 3.5 x 30 mm
  • Ceiling systems serve as noise absorbers, allow ventilation and at the same time offer beautiful aesthetics in public areas.
Acoustic Plaster Ceilings

Perfect Acoustic Plaster Ceilings are a Question of Technique.

Acoustic plasters come into consideration where a considerable improvement in room acoustics is required and are often combined with highly effective acoustic perforation panels on both ceilings and walls.

Each of these techniques can offer a highly effective acoustic solution. Together they are unbeatable in terms of aesthetics and sound absorption. Until now, working with conventional gypsum based panels was more like using traditional smooth plasterboard panels than a modern construction method.

VoglToptec® works completely differently and, above all, without requiring jointing.

Our acoustic plaster VoglToptec Nano SF has been awarded the natureplus® quality seal

  • Because there is no need for board jointing, there is a considerable increase in the perforated area, thus increasing the acoustic efficiency
  • Quicker and more economical use due to the precise edge-to-edge installation technique
  • Sound absorption level of up to αw 0.95 (absorption class A)
  • All from one source: the complete system, perfectly matched and tested
  • Delivery includes Vogl screw kit
  • Perforated area up to 35.3% with our special ultracoustic panel
Acoustic Floating Ceiling

Perfectly created floating ceilings lastingly upgrade any conventional ceiling construction. They improve the sound absorption and thus selectively contribute to improved room acoustics. Furthermore, they offer the possibility of integrating chilled ceiling floating elements and fitted ceiling components (sprinklers, illumination, ventilation etc.) in great variability and always accessible. Vogl floating ceilings are manufactured upon request within a short time of drawing approval in accordance with customer specifications, pre-assembled and - if huge in size - disassembled again into easy-to-handle segments to facilitate logistics to the construction site. Simple assembly technique assures easy handling and especially quick installation.

The unique pre-assembly offers substantial advantages:

  • Appealing surface image without any visible panel edges
  • Great diversity in form, colour and performance
  • Ideal to add to existing ceilings
  • Easy to install
  • Individual solutions
  • Also available pigmented throughout
  • Perfectly prefabricated floating ceilings for direct final installation – there is no easier way
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