Isowave 23 System

The Isowave 23 system is for the treatment of excessive flanking sound that bypasses a separating floor via lightweight structural walls. It is ideal for upgrading separating floors/ceilings where access to the top of the floor is not possible. Isowave 23 incorporates acoustic foam which is semi rigid and is an excellent absorber with high damping characteristics when bonded to an acoustically reflective stiff surface. Isowave foam is manufactured using water as a blowing agent and is free of CFCs, HFCs or HCFCs. Isowave 23 complies with requirements of EU Regulation No 2037/2000 for ozone depletion and offers good thermal properties. When incorporated within a ceiling construction as detailed, Isowave 23 will individually achieve ½ hour fire protection.


To construct or upgrade separating ceilings for conversions and refurbishments projects.

Isowave 23 System Technical Information
Data Sheet