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Vogl Access Panels

Acoustic ceilings usually have more than one function. The ceiling void often is used to accommodate technical installations, such as lighting, air conditioning, sound or sprinkler systems. Access panels are necessary to make these services accessible for inspection and maintenance after installation of the acoustic ceiling, but they used to disturb the beauty of the ceiling. Vogl Access Panels offer unbeatable performance for easy access to services and are at the same time pleasant to look at, thus fulfilling all aesthetic requirements as well. The perforated panel which is inserted into the frame offers an identical perforation pattern to the Vogl acoustic design ceiling. This makes the access panel an integrated and harmonized part of the acoustic design ceiling.


  • Sturdy, high-quality aluminium frame for dimensional stability
  • Diverse perforation patterns factory prepared and ready for delivery ex stock
  • Consistency in the rows of perforation throughout the ceiling
  • Best acoustic characteristics due to factory-applied acoustic fleece - perforated panel inlet
  • Secure locking mechanism prevents the panel from dropping accidentally while being opened
  • Customised special designs can be produced
  • Convenient opening and closing mechanism
  • Surrounding seal in the panel frame prevents unwanted air flow and dust deposits
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CASE STUDIES / St Patrick's Academy, Dungannon

SDG worked with Tracey Bros on bespoke panels for St Patrick's Academy.

As our knowledge of the impact of the correct acoustics in different environments grows it is no surprise that the education sector is one area where you can’t afford to be complacent.

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