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Pre-Formed Bulk Head Board

Neat, exact and uniform corner connections of coverings and moulded components of gypsum board are a special challenge for the on-site installation.

The effort which is required for perfect results is either very high – or very small if you use Vogl Falt Fix. The moulded components with Vogl Falt Fix are so cleverly milled that the sturdy paper liner of the gypsum board remains undamaged. The stable connection is accomplished with a factory-mounted, double-sided adhesive tape.
In addition to the space-saving transportation of the moulded components, another advantage of the Vogl Falt Fix system is that the assembly on site takes just a few simple steps.


  • Space-saving, cost-effective transportation due to flat delivery for economic job site handling
  • Significantly reduced expenditure of time and costs in stepped moulded components and coverings
  • The Falt Fix adhesive tape develops maximum adhesion immediately
  • Precise pre-fabrication and easiest assembly without time-consuming finishing work provide maximum application and result reliability
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CASE STUDIES / St Patrick's Academy, Dungannon

SDG worked with Tracey Bros on bespoke panels for St Patrick's Academy.

As our knowledge of the impact of the correct acoustics in different environments grows it is no surprise that the education sector is one area where you can’t afford to be complacent.

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