Swelling TPE Seal for Tubing

Swelling external high-pressure seal for distance tubes. The Active Ring mini/maxi, made of TPE (thermoplastic elastomer), is used for a simple and reliable external waterproofing of plastic and fibre cement distance tubes. The swelling and the swelling pressure that forms during the swelling process prevents the ingress of water

Designed to install on tubing and provide a long-term fluid seal that prevents external intrusion, the Active Ring mini/maxi offers the inherent physical properties of polyurethane rubber with excellent resistance to abrasion and high operating temperature.

The sealant is designed for use in a variety of gas and chemical applications, including oilfield operations, processing plants, pulp mills, and even food processing.

Active Ring
Product CodeProduct DescProduct Size
WPF400Active Ring Mini 22 mm250 per Bag
WPF041Active Ring Maxi 26 mm250 per Bag
Product CodeProduct Desc
Volume Increase Water (ph7)400%
Volume Increase Salt Water100%
Packaging250 Per Bag
Hardness40-50 Shore
Test Certificate (approved)MFPA Leipzig / MPA Braiushweig



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