Adjustable Paving Supports

Adjustable Plastic Paving Support Pads are designed
to be rotated at the head so that the height can be very
finely adjusted, to take into account small, continuous and
irregular differences in the levels of a particular area.

Product CodeProduct DescProduct Size
PLA011Adj Paving Supports 35-50 mm25 per Box
PLA012Adj Paving Supports 50-70 mm25 per Box
PLA013Adj Paving Supports 65-100 mm25 per Box
PLA014Adj Paving Supports 95 – 130 mm25 per Box
PLA015Adj Paving Supports 125-160 mm25 per Box
PLA016Adj Paving Supports 155-190 mm25 per Box
PLA017Adj Paving Supports 185-220 mm25 per Box


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