Civalit® sliding bearings are used in standard sizes as single pad bearing or as strip supported bearing. The number of modules determines the size of the bearing. The bearing has transverse tensile reinforcement and consists of an elastomer based on chloroprene with a vulcanized PTFE sliding layer and a sliding plate made of grp. These two components guarantee a dimensionally stable sliding surface. The total thickness of the bearing is 11 mm. Average bearing capacity up to 15 N/mm².

The approval is applied.

Highly ageing resistant elastomeric CR bearing with transverse tensile rein- forcement and dimensionally stable sliding plane, according to DIN 4141 part 3, bearing class 2, average bearing capacity of up to 15 N/mm2; ozone resistant up to 200 pphm; material according to DIN 4141, part 140/150, general building

Civalit Sliding Bearing

Field of application

Civalit® sliding bearings are used to accommodate loads without nearly any friction and angular rotations as well as movements of structural elements.

Sliding distance and friction

The sliding distance for all bearing types is ≤ ± 30 mm. Friction values are given in the data sheet.

Note: Special solutions can be developed for specific applications (longer sliding distances, higher loads, member restraint, etc.).

Installation details

In the case of precast concrete construction sliding bearings are placed in the centre of the support area. For structural concrete members the distance between the edge of bearing and the outer edge of the structural member must be at least 40 mm. The reinforcement shall extend at least as far as the bearing area or enclose it. The chamfered edges of the structural members need to be taken into account when determining the edge distance.

Functional characteristics

  • Angular rotations of up to 40‰ caused by deflections of structural members can be absorbed.
  • Low friction of less than 2 % reduces the transmission of restoring forces as compared to the use of sheeting or tubing.
  • Friction values are independent of the load.

  • The long term function is guaranteed as there is no need of lubrication.
  • Encasing the bearings in polystyrene prevents thermal bridges and stops the concrete from entering the bearing joint. If the encasing consists of Ciflamon mineral wool the classification into the fire resistance class F 90 or F 120 is assured.



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