The GB magnet is used for fixing threaded sleeves, wavytail anchors etc., on both horizontal and vertical surfaces. It is available with different diameters and magnetic forces.

Its conical housing means that the GB is easy to release from the hardened concrete. The GB magnet is made entirely of high-grade steel, it has a fully enclosed magnetic core and so guarantees a long working life. The associated threaded rods are available in thread sizes from M 10 to M 36 and can be combined with all designs of the GB magnet. Other thread sizes are also available on request

BTI024 1 - We Are SDG


  • Extremely high magnetic force
  • Conical construction for easy release from the hardened concrete
  • High flexibility with exchangeable threaded rods

  • Their ability to be reused means that they are
  • Environmentally friendly and cost effective

Product CodeProduct DescSize
BTI024GB54 Magnetic Nailing Plate 30mm (64mm Dia)Each
BTI020GB64 Magnetic Nailing Plate 12mm (64mm Dia)Each
BTI021GB64 Magnetic Nailing Plate 16mm (64mm Dia)Each
BTI022GB64 Magnetic Nailing Plate 20mm (64mm Dia)Each
BTI023GB64 Magnetic Nailing Plate 24mm (64mm Dia)Each
BTI025GB64 Magnetic Nailing Plate 36mm (64mm Dia)Each
BTI026GB80 24mm Magnetic Nailing Plate (80mm Dia)Each
BTI030GB106 Magnetic Nailing Plate 30mm (106mm Dia)Each
BTI030BGB106 36mm Magnetic Nailing Plate (106mm Dia)Each


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