Isostud Geop

Protection & Drainage Membranes

Isostud Geop is a high density extruded polyethylene (HDPE) membrane bonded to a high quality geotextile fabric providing both drainage and mechanical protection of waterproof membrane.

Isostud Geop is a studded membrane which offers great resistance to all chemical agents and to mechanical compression (>200 KN/m2). Isostud can also be used for terraces, flat roofs and roof gardens. The studs are aligned along vertical and horizontal axis: water can easily and rapidly drain from the top to the bottom of the foundation (whereas HDPE membranes with studs diagonally aligned do not offer this advantage and water drains slowly).

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct Size
TEM001Isostud Geop 2 x 20M20 Metre Rolls


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