Koster Crisin 76 Concentrate

Injectable Damp Proof Course

Koster Crisin 76 Concentrate is a low viscosity, solvent free,
concentrated liquid synthetic resin. It penetrates deeply
into even the smallest capillaries and pores in building
materials. Due to its very low density and a surface tension
lower than that of water, Koster Crisin 76 Concentrate
displaces the water in the capillaries.

The curing of the injected product is independent of
the drying of the masonry. After full cure, Koster Crisin 76
Concrete remains flexible, does not decay
or decompose, acts neutrally, does not effloresce,
and does not affect steel reinforcement.

– Simple installation
– Suitable for thick walls
– Very low density

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct Size
KOSKoster Crisin 76 Concentrate200 ml


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