The KU magnet is used for holding ball-headed anchors. Depending on the size of the ball-headed anchor, we offer the magnets to fit with the optimum magnetic force in our range of products. In order to attach the ball-headed anchor to the magnet, the appropriate rubber holding band is supplied in each case. The steel body is turned from high quality solid material and forms a homogeneous unit with the high performance core of the magnet. The attachment surface is completely sealed and therefore protects the core of the magnet against corrosion and damage. This increases the working life of the magnetic force considerably. The integrated internal thread allows the magnet to be smoothly released from the steel table.

KU Magnetic Steel Formers


  • Combined recess former with magnet
  • Internal thread for releasing the magnet
  • Solid and stable construction due to steel base body, thus long service life
  • Environmentally friendly and cost-effective due to reusability.

Product CodeProduct DescSize
BTI001Magnetic Former 2.5T KU25 Complete With O RingEach
BTI002Magnetic Former 5T KU50 Complete with O RingEach
BTI005Magnetic Former 5T KU50 Complete with O RingEach
BTI003O Ring for Magnetic Former 2.5T KU25Each
BTI004O Ring for Magnetic Former 5T KU50Each


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