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Multi Form is a robust and flexible shuttering support system for producing various precast elements including:

  • Manufacturing solid and sandwich walls
  • Manufacturing landing slabs, beams and joists
  • Use on tilting table, formwork table, circulation palettes and wooden surfaces

Using MagFly® magnets, MulitForm can be moved easily on the formwork table and positioned precisely. As the MagFly® AP presses the MultiForm onto the formwork table, the joints are sealed as soon as the magnets are activated when a PE chamfer profile is used. Additional sealing with silicone is therefore unnecessary.

A window and door opening suitable for MultiForm offers a clever solution for enclosed openings in concrete elements. Using elements that can be taken out from the inside of the structure, the shuttering can be removed non-destructively for reuse. The built-in socket for the MagFly® magnets enables fast and precise assembly and disassembly of the shuttering.


  • Manufacture of solid and sandwich walls
  • Manufacture of landing slabs, beams and joists
  • Use on tilting table, formwork table, circulation pallets and wooden surfaces


  • Can be used quickly and ergonomically
  • No sealing with silicone between the formwork shell and the formwork table
  • Stable and robust system - designed for use in precast plants
  • The window and door openings can be disassembled from the inside

MultiForm Type 1

Small column for short shuttering e.g. recesses.

MultiForm Type 2

Column for long shuttering, Up to 80cm tall & 3,025m long

Window & Door Opening

MultiForm MFE (Corner Joint)

Shuttering element for window and door corners.

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