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Lateral Lifting Loop

Set consisting of a lateral lifting loop and a screw to lift on the sides an element of the type concrete tank

The sockets should be positioned at a sufficient distance from the top of the element to prevent the concrete from cracking above the socket. The sockets should be positioned at the level of the concrete. The use of a holding disc that would cause the socket withdrawal is strictly prohibited.

Do this:

– Make sure the screw is fully screwed into the socket
– Make sure the threading of the socket is clear.
– Ensure that the concrete strength is at least equal to that provided in the sizing of the anchors. A concrete at 25 MPa is the bare minimum
– Make sure the loop is free of defects such as welding trace, cable wire breakage, excessive corrosion
– Make sure the screw thread is clean and undamaged.

Don’t do this:
– Never use the lateral lifting loop with an angle of tilt to the vertical above 15 degrees
– Never weld the lifting loop for any reason

Lateral Lifting Loop Technical Information
Lateral Lifting Loop Technical Datasheet