recostal® Permanent Formwork

Shuttering units comprised of finely meshed, trapezoidally-profiled, expanded metal, designed for creating construction joints in concrete base slabs. Units can be supplied to specific project-heights on site.

Product range

  • recostal® 1000 units for slabs up to 300mm thick
  • recostal® 2000 GT units for slabs up to 3000mm (with tie struts)
  • recostal® 2000 GT Fabric Web units have a removable fabric material and solid foam insert, which is cut away after pouring and curing to reveal smooth concrete
  • Ancillary components
  • Speed Edge Formwork
  • Shuttering Strips.

The much stronger joint profile allows reduced rebar: for the same depth of slab, and area of rebar, the recostal® key profiled joint is typically twice the strength of the rough profiles, giving greater flexibility in joint positioning.

Design Key Profile to EC2

  • Allows for greater shear forces at the joint
  • Potentially reduces bar diameters
  • Potentially increases bar centres
  • Can reduce steel in the structure
  • Only Key Profiled CARES approved box in the UK
  • Bearing capacity increase of 2.5

recostal permanent formwork ireland
recostal® 1000

For slabs up to 750mm thick. The recostal® trapezoidal profile meets the demands for the highest category key profiled joint according to Eurocode 2.

Key benefit

  • Ready to us
  • Perfect fit
  • Single rib or key profiled
  • Self-supporting in one or two axial directions


Fix shuttering units to the top and bottom reinforcement Self-supporting up to heights < 30 cm

recostal permanent formwork ireland
recostal® 2000GT

Self-supporting in all heights from 650 to 1500mm (3000mm with tie struts). The bearing capacity is clearly separated into a vertical and a horizontal direction. The load per surface resulting from the pressure of fresh concrete is carried by the trapezoidal profile and transferred to the vertical lattice supports. These supports bear the load and transfer it to the top and bottom end points.

Key benefits

  • Perforated sheet reduces concrete pressure forces by approx 50%
  • Self supporting, systemised method of CJ support, vastly reduces labour element of fixing and removing traditional stopends


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