recostal® Starter Packs type RSH meet the requirements of DIN EN 1992-1-1 for the highest surface category “key profiled“ in the case of transverse loads.

The deciding factor for the designer recostal® Starter Packs type RSH meet the requirements of the DBV Bulletin “Rückbiegen von Betonstahl und Anforderungen an Verwahrkästen nach Eurocode 2” [“Rebending of reinforcement steel and requirements for continuity strips according to Eurocode 2”] (issue January 2011) for the highest joint category “key profiled” in the case of transverse stresses. No national approval required!


– Trapezoidally profiled starter packs, joint category “key profiled“ according to DIN EN 1992-1-1, highest shear force bearing capacity

– Concrete reinforcement steel according to BS EN ISO 17660 and BS8548

– 6 standard profiles, bar widths 12 cm

– 22 cm, smaller or larger bar widths on request

– Standard unit length L= 1.25 m, fixed lengths up to 2.50 m on request


recostal® Starter Packs ensure time-saving installation of secure connections between steel reinforced concrete construction parts that are created with different pour sequences. Therefore, floor slabs, walls or staircases can be installed subsequently with rigid connections corresponding to the highest joint category “key profiled“.

The large variety of shapes offers the perfect connection for many different design situations; special types for specific solutions are also available. The standard range includes starter packs with 12mm and 16mm diameter and L=1.25m unit lengths. Unit lengths exceeding 1.25m, the production of special types and the combination with waterproofing systems as well as solutions for entire projects are possible on request.


  • Strong, robust galvanised metal starter packs, dimensionally stable
  • Cost and time effective installation, starter packs are simply nailed to the formwork
  • Easy removal of the sheet metal covers due to their special design
  • Trapezoidally profiled box for excellent bond
  • Various pssible combination provide a sollution for all common installation details


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