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Technical Innovation

SDG offers a wide range of technologies for the construction industry. Our range of cutting edge construction technology products and years of industry experience ensure we provide:

  • Expertise in all areas related to reinforced concrete construction.
  • Comprehensive advice from our industry leading sales team.
  • Engineering advice and know how throughout the lifetime of your construction project
  • An unrivalled logistical network for on-time, fast and nationwide deliveries.
Starter Packs

View our complete range of Starter Packs in 12mm & 16mm rebar and Rebar connection couplers in straight and bent form.
Our starter packs and rebar connection couplers are suitable for any construction joint in reinforced concrete constructions including; walls, corbels, stair flights, floor slabs, pile caps, ramps, staircase landings and balconies.

Bridge Bearings

SDG are the agent for GUMBA Bridge Bearings in UK and Ireland. Along with GUMBA engineers we support both the theoretical and practical selection of the correct Bridge Bearing for each application.

Structural & Sliding Bearings

SDG together with Calenberg Ingenieure are dedicated to the refinement of building construction with the production of structural and sliding bearings.

Noise Control Barrier

Noise Control – the easy Way, a Flexible Sound Barrier for various Purposes.

Vibration Control & Isolation

Specifically, to solve the vibration problems encountered in the construction industry.

Punching Shear Reinforcement

Shearail® punching shear reinforcement system, which is BS 8110 and EC2 compliant, enables site work to be carried out far more effectively and efficiently than traditional loose links, making it ideal for complex project management.

Shear Load Connectors

Supply a full range of connection systems including; Egcobox® insulated thermal breaks and heavy-duty dowels for static and dynamic loads. Many of these products can be produced specifically to meet the individual needs of your site. We provide technical support and advice for projects and can provide calculations and drawings for approval.

Formwork Solutions

We offer an extensive range of specialist formwork products and systems – to improve concrete durability and appearance, applying innovative, technical solutions on site.

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Mechanical Movement Joints

We supply a range of mechanical movement joints including expansion joint profiles, floor profiles and wall profiles.

Atlantis System
U-Boot Beton® Void Former for Concrete Slabs

U-Boot Beton® lightweight void former for concrete slabs