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Rising environmental awareness and the knowledge of health damaging effects caused by intensive noise demand efficient countermeasures. In those cases where common products can only be used restrictedly, the CISILENT® sound barrier reveals its great advantages. This applies to indoor and outdoor locations, where spatial, technical, weight or other restrictions do not allow other options than CISILENT®.

  • With CISILENT® sound-proofing problems can be solved efficiently
  • For the installation only little space is needed
  • Low transport weight
  • Simple assembling also allow mobile applications
  • The flexible CISILENT® sound barrier reaches a sound insulating value of Rw = 25 dB despite being a fraction of the weight compared with other noise barriers
  • Massive elements of the same area weight as CISILENT® insulate noise less, because they are more rigid and radiate sound themselves again from their outer surface
  • The flexible CISILENT® however, fully uses the noise insulating effect of the area related mass
  • CISILENT® is good for the well being and fitness
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