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In modern architecture cantilevers are a very popular construction feature. Egcobox® is a certified insulated balcony and cantilever connection system for preventing thermal bridging between cantilevered components such as balconies, walls and corbels, and the building frame.

Egcobox® has been an approved certificated system since 1997 for preventing thermal bridging between buildings and cantilevered components such as balconies, consoles, walls etc, and was originally awarded BBA certification in 2008.

The Egcobox® system is impressive in its versatility and has been approved by the construction supervising authorities in the United Kingdom.

The benefits of Egcobox®
  • Reduces thermal bridging in accordance with building regulations.
  • Provides continuity of reinforcement and reinforcement properties between building components.
  • Reduces vertical deflection of the cantilever.
  • Non-standard sizes or elements with special loading or static calculations are available.
  • Elements are produced to order and supplied direct to site with short lead times.

In addition to the well-known and popular standard elements it is also possible to design and produce Egcobox® special element in-line with the individual static and geometrical requirements of your site. Cantilever connectors are manufactured according to the needs of each construction project and elements are supplied directly to the construction site.

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SDG helped to design and engineer over 11 floors of Shearail® alongside Max Frank Group.

Alongside our long-standing partner, Max Frank Group, we have helped to design and engineer over 11 floors of Shearail® for GRAHAM, on the long-awaited LIV Student accommodation project.