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SDG together with Calenberg Ingenieure are dedicated to the refinement of building construction.

In addition to products for static mountings of components, the product range also comprises unique elastomeric materials for special fields of application in sound and vibration insulation and reduction. Calenberg expertise reduces the risk of building failure thereby reducing maintenance costs, improves the quality of life and protects against environmental effects such as traffic noise, vibration and footstep sound.

All the products are scientifically based and the measured physical values and data of the products are proved by official and independent testing institutes.


Calenberg Ciparall® Sliding Bearings combine sliding and deformation properties of the bearing where the sliding action is independent from the deformation. Horizontal displacements of the structural members are transmitted by relative movements (sliding) whilst angular rotations and stress relief are taken up by permanently elastic pads.

Transverse tensile forces, flatness imperfections of surfaces and creep deformations are not transmitted to the sliding layer; the dimensionally stable sliding plane remains level and parallel whilst the sliding properties are maintained. This is a precondition for the functionality and operational safety.


The 8.5 mm thick bearing has transverse tensile reinforcement and is made of an elastomer which is based on chloroprene with a vulcanized PTFE sliding layer.

The 2 mm thick sliding plate is made of glass reinforced plastic (GRP). These two components guarantee a dimensionally stable sliding plane.


The Calenberg Compact Bearing S 65 is an unreinforced bearing with smooth compression contact areas. It consists of a viscoelastic ozone resistant elastomeric material with a Shore hardness A of 65 ± 5. Ozone resistance according to DIN 4141 part 140/150 up to 200 pphm.


Calenberg Compact Bearing S 70 is an unreinforced elastomeric bearing with smooth compression contact areas. It consists of a viscoelastic, ozone resistant elastomeric material with a Shore hardness A of 70 ± 5.


The Perforated™ Sliding Bearing consists of several layers of elastomer and intermediate layers of weather-resistant steel, grade WTSt 52-3.

The top steel layer has an attached polytetrafluorethylene (PTFE) layer, which functions as a sliding partner with a glassfibre-reinforced plastic plate (PTFE/GRP sliding pair). In addition to the advantages offered by the PerforatedT Bearing, ST, the Perforated™ Sliding Bearing can achieve longer sliding paths. Restoring forces are minimised.


Unreinforced elastomeric bearing can be loaded irrespective of size, the material is quality controlled. bi-Trapez Bearings® are unreinforced profiled elastomeric bearings, available in four thicknesses.

They provide high isolation against structure-borne noise and vibration,are permanently resilient in the case of jammed structural members and transmit little or no shear forces when structural members move or are displaced; they are used for all types of static supports and impact sound insulation for stair cases as well as landing supports.

They are made of quality controlled elastomer on the basis of the synthetic rubber ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM).


The Calenberg Compact Core Bearing is an unreinforced heavy-duty elastomeric bearing with a smooth surface. The distinguishing external feature of the bearing is the reddish brown colouring of the material. This pigmentation is intended to be specific for this type of bearing.


The Calenberg Sandwich Bearing Q is a steel reinforced elastomeric bearing. It has elastomeric layers which are connected by transverse tensile reinforcement of weather resistant steel. A distinctive feature are the cylindrical studs arranged in a square pattern which help to level out any unevenness in the bearing surface.

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SDG worked with John Grahams and Doran Consulting.

SDG supplied Gumba Reinforced Elastomeric Bearings to meet the requirements of this project.

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