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SDG offer a range of waterproofing systems including a full range waterproofing products for the construction industry. New construction or the repair of failed waterproofing.

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Structural Waterproofing

Structural waterproofing deals with water ingress problems below ground level. We have a range of products to assist and our technical team are on hand to provide advise on the best products to be used.

Remedial Waterproofing

We offer a range of remedial waterproofing products. Our technical team are available for all enquiries.

SCP Tanking Membrane

Waterproofing membranes specifically developed for use as a high-performance waterproofing membrane to provide a totally watertight barrier in below ground concrete construction, including basements, underground car parks, plant rooms, access tunnels etc.

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Injection Resins

Resin Injections are designed for injecting cracks in concrete and masonry where there is a need to consolidate a structure or exclude water and air from contact with reinforcement.


Waterstop are an element of a concrete structure, intended to prevent the passages of fluids when embedded in and running continuously through concrete joints.

Liquid Waterproofing

An effective form of waterproofing, with a range of products

Joint Sealants

Sealants are used in construction to prevent fluids and other substances from passing through material surfaces, joints, or openings.