Zemdrain Controlled Permeability Formliner

The primary cause of concrete degradation is the poor quality of the outer 20mm of the surface due to the use of oiled impermeable formwork. The resulting surface has increased porosity and numerous blowholes and reduced durability.

Zemdrain® controlled permeability formwork (CPF) liners can be used as an additional protective measure (APM). Zemdrain CPF liners are attached to the formwork face and during the concreting process remove excess air and water from the formwork/concrete interface. The resulting high-quality concrete surface has significantly increased durability properties.

Zemdrain® non-woven liner lends concrete the following properties:

– Greater surface hardness
– Blowhole-free, low-pore surface
– Reduced growth of microorganisms and algae
– Better freeze-deicing salt resistance
– Increased abrasion resistance

– Increased service life of the concrete surface
– Value retention of the concrete surface
– Proven cost savings over the total service life of the structure
– No concrete release agent required


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