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SDG’s Commitment to Sustainability: Our Path to a Low-Carbon Future

At SDG, we are acutely aware of the pressing challenges posed by climate change and its impact on our planet....


Time to be Lean

#TeamSDG recently enjoyed a highly educational visit to Seating Matters in Limavady, where we gained insights into their adoption of lean practices in...


How Can Acoustic Solutions Transform Your Next Construction Project?

Introduction to Acoustics Solutions in Construction Acoustics solutions have become a critical component of contemporary construction, propelled by significant shifts...


Advanced Formwork Solutions: Exploring Stremaform® Permanent Formwork

Stremaform® is a leading product in permanent formwork solutions, designed to streamline the construction process for working joints in concrete...

a man using chemical anchor

The Power of Chemical Anchors: Strengthening Structures with SDG and Rawlplug

The chemical anchor, a sophisticated solution for fastening materials to concrete and other substrates. At SDG, we are excited to...


How Fibre-Reinforced Gypsum is Shaping Modern Interiors

In architectural design and construction, the demand for materials that combine aesthetics, functionality, and environmental sustainability has never been greater....


SDG Construction accessories: Exploring the Benefits of DYWIDAG Form Ties

Introduction to DYWIDAG Form Ties in Construction Accessories In the construction industry and the supply of quality construction accessories, precision...


Precast Concrete and Precast Accessories: Explore the Advantages and Sustainable Efficiency

In the evolving world of construction, precast concrete stands out for its efficiency, durability, and versatility. This manufacturing process, where...

SDG Churchfield Reservoir Roof Replacement Sorensen Civil Engineering

A Guide to Structural and Sliding Bearings and Expansion Joints in Concrete Construction

Understanding Structural and Sliding Bearings in Construction Structural and sliding bearings play a crucial role in both residential and commercial...


Expert Insight into Precast Lifting Systems with Anchor’s

The evolution of precast concrete lifting is a narrative of innovation and precision. For over 30 years, SDG has been...



In the spirit of not taking ourselves too seriously and embracing a bit of fun, we invite you to watch...

Bridge Bearings

Bridge Bearings: Explore How SDG are Enhancing Infrastructure Projects

The SDG motto is ‘Stronger Together,’ and it is most relevant when discussing the vital role of bridges in connecting...