SDG launches new “Stronger Together” brand

Armagh specialist construction supply company announced over £6m in sales for the year, against a challenging backdrop of the Covid 19 pandemic. One of the leading global supply partners of specialist products to the construction industry has been involved in projects including The Curragh Racecourse, Titanic Exhibition Centre, Belfast, and Central Bank of Ireland in Dublin.

SDG, established in 1990, has doubled its turnover in the last 3 years, and grown staff from 15 to 25 during this time. Launching our new ‘Stronger Together’ brand, which includes a new website, a new ecommerce website and a new brand across its business fleet, with an investment of over £500,000. We are currently in the process of recruiting a Strategic Management Analyst to the team, in partnership with Queens University, and this week appointed a Business Development Manager for Ireland to add our existing sales team and grow its Ireland business focus.

Commenting on the business growth and ambition, Louise Skeath, CEO, said;

“I am delighted with our business achievement of £6.1m in sales, during this really tough time right now for business across the island of Ireland and further afield. We are investing more locally, nationally, and internationally working on projects across Ireland and UK, and as far away as Dubai. The business has just added 3 new staff roles across Logistics Management, Business Development for Ireland and currently we are recruiting in partnership with Queens University, all signals of our ambition and vision for growth.”

“SDG is focused on achieving even more working with our customers, clients and supply chain. This will include identifying business needs and emerging trends, proposing solutions and delivering operational transformative change to our clients and customers. We are already transitioning SDG, looking at opportunities for business growth, exploring new product development opportunities and setting the business up to be Brexit ready,” Louise concluded.

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