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Self-Build & Renovation

We are SDG - trusted and valued by Self-Build & Renovation Contractors throughout the UK, Ireland and beyond.

SDG supplies a broad range of self-build products which includes acoustic and waterproofing solutions, and masonry reinforcement.

We work closely with self-build architects, contractors, and their clients to innovate new solutions, supply quality products and help overcome building challenges. Our professional insights is valued by those in the industry who care about safety, fit and finish.

To talk to SDG about your bespoke build needs, and how we can help you, call us today.

CASE STUDIES / Leo Matheson Ltd

SDG worked with Leo Matheson Ltd to provide acoustic solutions to Hillyard House renovation project.

Leo Matheson Limited contacted SDG as they had an issue with noise in the guest bedrooms emanating from the onsite generator and fans. SDG were able to find a solution, click on the case study to find out how.

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What acoustic regulations are required in a building?

Noise pollution is transmitted in buildings in the form of both airborne and impact sound sources and UK & Irish Building Regulations requires these to be measured and restricted. Guidance on how to meet these measured limits are within the Building Regulation requirements specified in the form of Approved Document E.

What is Airborne Sound?

Airborne is generated from speech, television/radio and in simple terms is more often created from a non-mechanical activity. Airborne noise will travel through a floor, ceiling and wall structure and an airborne acoustic test will measure this aspect of noise pollution. Minimum standards are set by UK Building Regulations for separating floors, ceilings and walls between dwellings otherwise referred to as rooms for residential purposes. It is important that the separating structure is of sufficient (correctly placed) mass and volume, if airborne noise is to be reduced.

What is Impact Sound?

Impact is generated from mechanical activity from simply walking or moving a chair. This noise pollution travels through the fabric of the building and is best treated at the source, with a floating acoustic floor system that needs to be carefully selected so as to ensure the correct dynamic stiffness to limit the noise from exciting the fabric of the building. Similarly an acoustic impact test will need to be passed to ensure compliance with the minimum performance of the current UK Building Regulations requirements.

Can you supply acoustic treatments for a renovation project?

Yes, we specialise in acoustic solutions for all types of renovations. Contact our expert team for more information on +44 (0) 28 3752 8999 or [email protected]

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