Compression Joint Seal: TOKSTRIP®

A plastic seal for manhole components and special profiles
made of concrete. Thanks to the combination of bitumen,
butyl rubber and other innovative components, as well as the self-adhesive, one-sided coating, the seal profile fits to the existing geometries, compensates for any unevenness in the component and adheres very well to the contact surfaces.

Product CodeProduct DescProduct Size
KOS005TOKSTRIP® 25 x 20 mm 20 per box5 Metre Roll
KOS010TOKSTRIP® 40 x 20 mm 15 per box3 Metre Roll
KOS013TOKSTRIP® 60 x 12 mm 24 per box24 Metre Box
KOS014TOKSTRIP® 80 x 12 mm 18 per box15 Metre Box


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