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We work with manufacturers, contractors, engineers and designers, supplying essential components that improve safety, enhance quality and drive efficiency at every stage of construction.

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SDG Sustainability - We Are SDG

SDG’s Commitment to Sustainability: Our Path to a Low-Carbon Future

At SDG, we are acutely aware of the pressing challenges posed by climate change and its impact on our planet….

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Time to be Lean

#TeamSDG recently enjoyed a highly educational visit to Seating Matters in Limavady, where we gained insights into their adoption of lean practices in…

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How Can Acoustic Solutions Transform Your Next Construction Project?

Introduction to Acoustics Solutions in Construction Acoustics solutions have become a critical component of contemporary construction, propelled by significant shifts…

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SDG Bearings are critical on projects that involve bridges, or anywhere that vibration control is needed yet they’re a product…

Join Team SDG

Join ‘Team SDG’

Team SDG at SDG is comprised of skilled, motivated individuals who are passionate about delivering excellent customer service. The team…

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We are SDG, Stronger Together

We are SDG suppliers of essential components for every stage of construction for over 30 years we’ve been working with…

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