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Magfly® AP

The MagFly® AP is a patented shuttering magnet and a component of the BT shuttering formwork system. Unique features include the magnetic force-to-weight ratio, plus the unique foot/spring system, which allows the magnet to slide easily over the formwork table. The magnet is activated by a firm pressure from above and adheres to the formwork table by its magnetic force.

The MagFly® AP can be detached and realigned simply and quickly using the integrated lever. It does not require any additional tools or adapters. The ultra-light aluminium casing makes ergonomic work with the magnets possible and saves effort by the user. In combination with the MultiForm formwork girders and an additional plastic chamfer profile, the formwork girder and chamfer profile are pressed firmly to the formwork table when the magnets are activated. An additional sealing for the edge is not necessary. These effective technologies are matched perfectly to each other and substantially speed up the production of precast concrete elements.


– Shuttering magnets for pallet circulation systems and tilting tables

– Shuttering for walls, beams, etc.


– Patented shuttering fastening provides increased retention pressure for shuttering at the formwork table

– No silicone sealant required

– Light and ergonomic handling thanks to the foot/spring system

– Magnet and formwork girder perfectly matched

– Unbeatable adhesive force-to-weight ratio

CASE STUDIES / MagFly® AP on London Heathrow Airport Hotel

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