Disposable formwork for two-way lightened voided slabs in reinforced concrete cast on site.

U-Boot Beton® is a recycled polypropylene formwork that was designed to create lightened slabs and rafts.

The use of U-Boot Beton® formwork makes it possible to create mushroom pillars, with the possibility to have the mushroom in the thickness of the slab.

Thanks to the conic elevator foot, immerging the U-Boot Beton® formworks in the concrete casting will create a gridwork of mutually perpendicular beams closed from the bottom and the top by a flat plate that is created with a single casting; this results in considerable reduction in the use of concrete and steel.

U-Boot Beton® is used to create slabs with large span or that are able to support large loads without beams. Light and quick and easy to position, thanks to their modularity the designer can vary the geometric parameters as needed to adapt to all situations with great architectural freedom.

U-Boot Benton
U Boot Benton - We Are SDG


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