Civils Capability Statement

The Civils Capability Statement from SDG is a comprehensive document that showcases the company’s expertise and accomplishments in the field of civil engineering, particularly in the realm of construction solutions. This capability statement is a testament to SDG’s commitment to excellence, innovation, and customer satisfaction in delivering specialised products, industry expertise, and unparalleled customer service.

SDG, as a trusted supplier and expert in construction solutions, takes pride in its role as planners, collaborators, designers, fixers, thinkers, and expert problem solvers. The company is recognized for its end-to-end construction project planning, offering bespoke and best-in-class services. SDG’s close collaboration with customers and it’s ability to add value at every project stage is pivotal in sharing success and strengthening partnerships.

The Civils Capability Statement highlights SDG’s three key pillars: Specialised Products, Industry Expertise, and Customer Service. SDG’s wide product range addresses technical challenges for engineers and architects, covering diverse needs from bridge bearings to thermal breaks and advanced chemical solutions. This range is complemented by the unmatched expertise of SDG’s staff, particularly the Technical Department, which works intimately with engineers to provide necessary support and technical data, ensuring confidence in the products offered. Civils Capability Statement sheet

SDG’s commitment to solving engineering problems is evident in its product offerings, which include concrete chemicals, reinforcement, waterproofing solutions, and more. The capability statement details various product types, such as surface retarders, cementitious and epoxy grouts, release oils, curing agents, and a wide array of concrete repair and protection solutions. Each product is designed to meet specific engineering needs, demonstrating SDG’s understanding of the diverse challenges faced in the field.

Key projects featured in the Civils Capability Statement showcase SDG’s significant contributions to major infrastructure schemes. These include the A6 Dungiven to Drumahoe Dualling, A6 Randalstown to Castledawson, HS2 Colne Valley Viaduct, Ocean Pier Berth 35, N25 New Ross Bypass, and the Warrenpoint WWtW, among others. In each project, SDG supplied crucial products like bridge bearings, structural waterproofing, permanent formwork, and more, playing a vital role in the success of these undertakings.

The Civils Capability Statement is a robust document that not only displays SDG’s wide range of products and services but also emphasizes its role as a key player in the field of civil engineering and construction. This statement is a clear reflection of SDG’s dedication to delivering innovative solutions, technical expertise, and exceptional customer service, making it a preferred partner in construction projects.

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